Monday, September 22, 2014

A Baby is born!

Sorry I have been MIA for so long!
I have a GREAT reason!
We welcomed home a SWEET baby BOY on August 19th!
&  Here is the story!

July 25th:
Today, as I was waiting in line to check out at TJMaxx, I decided to get on facebook to pass the time. When I logged on I had a message from Ashley, a midwife, at the hospital I work at.
She has a patient, a mommy to be, who had decided to place her baby for adoption!
She was having a BOY and was due at the end of August!!!
Did she want our names passed along to her?
I thought about it for all of 3 seconds, and messaged her back with a YES!!!!
Holy Moly the emotions that hit me knowing we were going to be presented to a potential birth mother!! To say I was nervous was an understatement!
We decided to put a rush on our family profile so that Ashley could let her look at it the next time she had an appointment!

August 1st:
Today I got a message from Ashley that she had shown our profile to Sam (Bmom).
She said that after looking at our profile Sam said she didn't need to see anymore. We were exactly what she wanted for her sweet baby BOY!
Ashley passed her phone number along to us and after FREAKING out for about 30 minutes,
I decided to call her.
or at least I thought so.
It was literally a 30 second conversation, which included me blurting out that it didn't feel right to talk about this over the phone and that Id like to meet up with her face to face.
We agreed to meet the following Friday!

August 8th.
Today is the day!
We are meeting the possible birth mother of our child!?
What do you say to someone who might entrust their child to your care?
The person who would so selflessly help to make me a mother! to make my dreams reality?

We planned to meet Sam at her DRs appointment after it was over and to have her follow us to dinner.
We pulled up and Im pretty sure as soon as I saw her vehichle my stomach was in my throat and my heart was POUNDING in my ears!
We pulled up and Jake rolled down his window.
As she rolled her window down I got my first glimpse of an absolutly adorable, petite, blond and PINK haired girl. With almond shaped eyes and a kind smile.
I instantly felt more at ease. Although don't get me wrong, I was still so nervous!

During the next 2 hours at dinner, we got to know Sam and found out some fun things, like she was from the same city that my mom grew up in! And she loved some of the same things Jake and I do, like camping and the outdoors!
We laughed about how nervous we are, and my heart pounded even more everytime she called us mommy and daddy. She had already decided. Without speaking the words I knew she wanted us to be the parents of her baby boy!
I left this meeting feeling so blessed! I wanted nothing more than an open adoption and one where I could truly form a relationship with the birth mom. I left this meeting feeling that God had given me just that!

August 15th
Today we met with Sam again. Duing this meeting we talked about what we wanted delivery day to look like. She told us she wanted us to be there, to witness the birth of OUR baby :-)
She wanted us to stay in the hospital and she wanted the baby to stay with us.
We also talked about the open adoption. We agreed that we wanted her there for the holidays and to celebrate his birthday :-)
We left this meeting knowing that the next time we met, could very well be on the day our son would come into this world!

August 18th
Today when I came into work, I was told that Sam was here last night. Shes contracting!!!
I stayed in touch with her every few hours and contractions were going away! This could be IT!!!

August 19th
I got a call this morning at 5am. Sam was at the hospital. She was being admitted. The charge nurse wanted to know if I wanted to be put on call. uuuhh? YES!!
I got a call from Sam around 7 and she had gotten her epidural! She was 5 centimeters!!
I ran around packing our bags and making mental lists of what all needed to be done.
Jake and I both made it to the hospital around 930.
Sam was sleeping.
Not wanting to wake her up, we walked around receiving so many hugs and congratulations from all of my coworkers. Everyone is soo excited for this baby! He is already so loved!
We went back to Sams room around 1030. We talked, and laughed.
The nurse came in round noon and Sam was complete! Holy Moly! It was time!
This was really about to happen!
Sam started pushing at 1205.
I was in charge of ice chips, cold wash cloths, counting and having encouraging words.
She was a champion!  She was so determined and strong!
After pushing through 4 contractions,
Sirus Emerson
Came into the world at 12:27pm
He had the same beautiful almond eyes as Sam and he had RED hair!
Of course!
Because God had ordained this whole grand story long before Sam and I were even born!
Same held him and cried. Tears of happiness, relief, and im sure of quite a bit of heartbreak.
I cried. Tears of happiness, relief and sadness as I knew how hard this was for Sam.
We spent the next hour or so, snuggling a sweet baby, passing him back and forth & I even got to give him his first bath :-)

Moments I will never forget. I hope they are forever branded in my mind.

Part 2 (post partum and TPR)

xoxo: Ashley