Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Adoption Tshirts! & a little blessing

Ive known all along that I wanted to do adoption T-shirts
I may or may not have a dream of seeing our adoption supporting t-shirts all over town:-)
Ive been playing with designs for months, I just wanted something GOOD on the shirts
and I couldn't come up with ANYTHING Good!
THEN, I was at home,working on home study paper work and it came to me!

For years God kept placing the word "more" on my heart
and for years I almost drove myself crazy trying to figure out what that "more" meant.
More WHAT?!!!
Through this process I think God is revealing what the "more" is.
Do More. Be More. LOVE MORE!

and then an adoption support shirt was born!
and in 24 hours we've sold 10 shirts!
Go GOD Go!!!


Oh yea! My blessing story!
So just as I was leaving work the other day a woman came in in Labor, completely dilated and ready to push. AND she brought with her the adoptive parents of her baby boy!
Even though it was time to leave, I clocked out and stayed for the delivery.
It was amazing! Amazing to watch a family be born,
and amazing to watch the interaction between birth momma and adoptive family!
It was such a blessing to be able to watch that!
I had been in a funk for the last few days and being there just got me soo excited again!
God is good isn't he?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fundraiser #2! YARDSALE!

Spring Cleaning?

Donate to a great cause!

We are collecting gently loved items for our


June 21st and 22nd
Drop off donations:
Friday June 20th 1-9pm

208 Lauren Lane Canton, Ga 30115

Visit our website!

And so it begins!

We have finally signed on with our adoption consultants!
We decided to join with Christian Adoption Consultants
 after my chance run in with Malcolm (owner) at Starbucks :-)
I may have already written about that but basically I was
talking to a girl friend about what an adoption consultant was and
how we had looked into another company in the area.
Malcolm over heard, came over, gave us his card and I just really felt
like God just plopped him down right in front of us!
It just felt right in going with them :-)
Our Consultant is Susan and after talking to her on the phone back in November,
and just hearing such good things about her I am so excited we get to partner with her specifically!
She also is very knowledgeable in adoptive breast feeding
 (did you even know there was such a thing?)

I can not explain the emotions once finally hit send on our payment to CAC.
Excitement was the first one!
I cant believe this is finally starting!!
and then after the day went on, and I started receiving information on
the home study,
fundraising ideas,
back ground checks,
talking to birth mothers,
Packing lists for Birth day
this is REALLY happening!
and it could be soon!

It was nuts!
I couldn't even sleep that night!
I just started thinking about all that we needed to do!

With all of that said, yes we are super nervous but we are OH SO EXCITED!!!

I also called and spoke to the person who will be doing our home study,
and she really calmed my nerves about the whole thing!
We have already started the personal study questionnaire and
will hopefully be having our first meeting in just a few weeks! :-)

One step closer!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You guys are AWESOME!-Adoption auction totals

I'm completely blown away by how blessed we have been!
Our adoption auction ran for 7 days and it raise $1078!
And we received an amazing $3000 from someone from our church!

We now have enough to REALLY start the adoption process!
EEEKKK! so excited!
Now to make some decisions!!!!