Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Adoption Tshirts! & a little blessing

Ive known all along that I wanted to do adoption T-shirts
I may or may not have a dream of seeing our adoption supporting t-shirts all over town:-)
Ive been playing with designs for months, I just wanted something GOOD on the shirts
and I couldn't come up with ANYTHING Good!
THEN, I was at home,working on home study paper work and it came to me!

For years God kept placing the word "more" on my heart
and for years I almost drove myself crazy trying to figure out what that "more" meant.
More WHAT?!!!
Through this process I think God is revealing what the "more" is.
Do More. Be More. LOVE MORE!

and then an adoption support shirt was born!
and in 24 hours we've sold 10 shirts!
Go GOD Go!!!


Oh yea! My blessing story!
So just as I was leaving work the other day a woman came in in Labor, completely dilated and ready to push. AND she brought with her the adoptive parents of her baby boy!
Even though it was time to leave, I clocked out and stayed for the delivery.
It was amazing! Amazing to watch a family be born,
and amazing to watch the interaction between birth momma and adoptive family!
It was such a blessing to be able to watch that!
I had been in a funk for the last few days and being there just got me soo excited again!
God is good isn't he?

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