Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our 1st fundraiser is LIVE!:)

above are the 3 links to our adoption auction sites. If you feel lead to help us by bidding or even sharing please know that we will be forever grateful!
Thank you thank you!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Adoption Auction

I am SO excited!
This Sunday, Easter Sunday we will launch our Adoption Auction!
The Amount of amazing people that stepped forward and donated is nothing short of amazing!
I had people contacting me through Facebook that I had never even met before!
I am so excited to see how God is glorified through all of this!
His hand no doubt is all over our auction!

Here is the "flyer" we will be passing out and posted EVERYWHERE next week!

And here are some of the amazing things donated!

-several photography session
-one month online fitness training
-Origami Owl
-Tastefully Simple Gift Basket
-Hand Lettered Prints and Cards
-Hand Knitted scarves and even an Afghan
-Car detailing
-1 Organic Spray Tan
-Earring and Necklace from Bumbers Bumblings
and so much more!

Things are starting to get so real now! 
Our first step was to get into a home and now that that is done 
its FULL STEAM AHEAD with fundraising!


We are homeowners!

That's pretty much all I could say after left the attorneys office with the key to our new home!
The process of buying a house was NOT easy and was super duper frustrating at times!
Of course the house we fell in love with was a short-sale (not to be mistaken for a home that takes a short amount of time to sell LOL)
From the day we put in a bid to having the keys in our hands was 4 1/2 months. 4 1/2 LOOOONNNNG months!
And there were AT LEAST 3 times where we thought everything was going to fall through and I had myself almost convinced that God was saying this house just wasn't for us.
Turns out he was giving me a good ol' dose of PATIENCE!

When all is said and done we are LOVING our new home and I cant WAIT to bring baby Hall home to it one day!
(I may or may not be designing a nursery in my head already ;-)

Isn't she beautiful! :)
God is GOOD!