Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yard Sale Success! and onto fundraiser number 3!

I was NOT expecting that!
We were SO blessed with all the donations!
By Friday morning we could hardly get into our garage from all the stuff!
and of all that stuff only a few items were things that once belonged to us!
Everything else was donations and mostly from people we didn't know!

After staying up until 1 am on Saturday morning trying to seperate and price everything (procrastinator? NAH;-)
we were up at 5:15 bright and early to get tables out and drag out all the big pieces!
between that and 2 lllonnng 10 hour days (including set up and break down)
to say we ere exhausted by Sunday evening is an under statement.
But Alas it was all worth it!
Our total after 2 days was...


That brings our total to about $6700!
Just one step closer to our babe!

and with that fundraiser done..the next begins!

This one we have seen alll over the internet and I had to try it too!
The puzzle fundraiser!
"Become a piece of our puzzle"

We purchased a puzzle we LOVED (and will go in a gender neutral nursery)
and for ANY AMOUNT donation $1-$100 you get to put your name on the back of the puzzle piece!

We do have a rewards level called the "LOVE more" level.
If you donate $10 or more you will get a photo announcement "signed" by Baby H once he or she gets here:-)
If we can sell all the pieces for $10/each we will have reached our 1/2 goal for the adoption!
How amazing would that be?

Here is our puzzle:

Could you guys please pray for us?
We are in the middle of our home study and to say its overwhelming is an understatement.
The amount of paperwork and in depth questions ( questions we never really thought about until now. Like my mothers and fathers strength and weaknesses...???)
I have ALMOST completed my questions but Jake is really just now starting. He isn't a very verbally expressive person so this is HARD for him!


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