Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First meeting with an adoption agency

Jake and I went to our first adoption seminar on Saturday.
It was so great to be surrounded by people who are in the same boat as us!
Honestly I feel this meeting was more for Jake than myself.
I've done so much research over the last two weeks that lots of it was a repeat.
It was nice however to have a professional walk us through step by step through the process would go, the estimates of wait time and the estimates of price.
Which by the way...YIKES!!
One thing that was new to me was:
-the tax credit for adoption. Its almost $13,000! That is if its still offered by the time we adopt!
If we decided to go through with private adoption that could potentially cover almost all our adoption expenses!
And another EXCITING thing Is that my moms dear friend Jim (who is a family lawyer)
told me that he would do all the legal parts for free!! All we have to pay for is the filing fee, which is only about $250!
That's just one financial thing we can cross off our list!
What's next?
Now that we have the info on agency adoption we need to get info on how things would go if we decided to go private. We are having a phone conference tomorrow with Christian Adoption Consultants. After tomorrow we will continue to pray that God would guide us in the right direction.
-Until next time

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