Friday, November 8, 2013

Meeting with an adoption consultant

So yesterday Jake and I had a phone conference with an adoption consultant from Christan Adoption Consultants.

Let me first give you a little back story of how I learned about CAC. I was sitting in Starbucks with one of my  best friends (we frequent there some...ok a lot) and I was kind of going over with her what we had learned about the adoption process so far. While I'm talking I notice this man that keeps looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I'm thinking  " WHY is that man looking at us, weirdo" LOL
  After a few minutes he comes over and begins to tell me that he couldn't help but overhear us talking and he works for CAC! He tells me kind of what they do, gave me his email and the website name. My friend looks at me and goes "Oh My Goodness. Did you just hear God there or what?!"
How awesome it is that God is already looking after so early on in this process!

Anyway, back to the meeting.

Here is basically what CAC does:

- They are NOT an adoption agency.
- Basically for a fee they walk you through the whole adoption process from beginning to end. Whether that's 6 months or 2 years.
- Their clients are usually matched with a family in 6-10 MONTHS (<- holy moly!)
- They way they are able to do this is that they work through a multi agency system. Basically they give your info to several adoption agencies over the country so you have a bigger "pool" of birth moms.

She was able to answer several questions for us and was so incredibly sweet.
This particular consultant does not have adoption children of her own, however she has worked as a birth mom counselor for 12 years, she does local Home Studies, and she is an adoptive parent lactation consultant (which is awesome! Did you know you can breastfeed and adopted child!!!??)

The meeting was great and we got lots of good information. Now we just have some decisions to make!

Whats Next: Jake and I need to spend some time in prayer, praying that God would give us wisdom is choosing what way he would wish for us to go from here. Adoption through an agency or private adoption.

For those of you who don't know the difference, Ill lay it out a bit:

Agency adoption:
In an agency adoption you work with one particular agency who has a limited "pool" of birth moms.  The agency does your home study with their specialists, after that they help you create a profile and they start getting your info out to prospective birth moms. Once you are matched with a BM, you meet her, and start to build a relationship with her. If she chooses you to parent her baby, the waiting game starts. From here you are simply waiting for baby to come. Once baby is born you travel to the birth state, The BM signs paperwork upon discharge from the hospital (usually 24-48 hours depending on delivery type) and then the BM can change her mind in a time frame of 1-30 days after birth depending on the state laws. Once that period of time is up and baby is yours, you have to go through legal paperwork and several post placement visits from your home study specialist.

Private adoption:
The actual adoption process runs just the same as agency adoption. The only difference is that you aren't working with an agency, you are responsible for all your paperwork on your own. You have to market yourself, get the word out to as many people as you can in hopes of finding your own birth mom. Once you find a birth mom everything pretty much runs the same. (If we decided to go this route we will most likely be working with a counselor simply because we want to make sure everything is done correctly and they would guide us through paperwork, and details.)

What we need: Prayers!!!! Prayers for clarity in which direction we should go
Prayers for finances to fund this adoption and prayers on the house front (our lease is up in February)

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