Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A new year

I've said it once, and I'll say it again.
I LOVE when the new year rolls around!
This year I believe I have an extra special reason to be excited!
I REALLY feel that Jake and I will welcome our baby home this year!

I know some would tell me to be prepared to wait a while, and I am,
but I just FEEL 2014 will be the year of FAMILY for Jake and I!

I have a couple of things to update you on.

1) we are THIS CLOSE to getting our house!
We put an offer in at the end of November and we've just been waiting!
Our house is a short sale so things can sometimes take a while.
Our realtor has been in contact with the attorney and they are feeling that things should be closing around end of Jan., end of Feb!
SOOO excited!

2) as soon as we get settled into our house we hope to start our home study process and I think we are pretty settled on going with an adoption consultant!

3) we have started our FIRST official Adoption Fundraiser.
Ill be honest, I felt a little weird fundraising this early in the process. But I had to be honest with myself. Jake and I simply don't have the extra money to even do the home study.
I really feel that this whole thing is God's plan, so I'm rolling with in! I know that he will pull us through this!

Ill be doing a whole separate post on our first fundraiser!:)

If you want to participate in our first fundraiser make sure you follow this blog to be first to get all the updates!!! :)

xoxo: Ash

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