Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fundraiser #1

Let me start this by saying that I hate asking for things. Especially someone Else's money!
However, after talking to a dear friend, I decided to go ahead and start our first fundraiser.
I opened an account on youcaring.com
and within days I had several people donating!
We are about a fourth of the way to or home study cost!

Jake and I have some other great fundraisers up our sleeves after we get things underway a bit more! :)



  1. I came across your blog through Kelly's Korner. I couldn't find your email, but my husband and I are also adopting through Christian Adoption Consultants, and I was just diagnosed with POF and my name is Ashley too. :)

    1. Whhhaaat? Wow! Crazy! Id love to keep in contact! Heres my email ashley33hall@gmail.com
      Tell me about yourselves!